Socialization on the Student Job Training of PTI Study Program

The Department of Advocacy and Student Welfare (Advokesma), Student Executive of the Information Technology Education Study Program (EMPTI) held a webinar on the Socialization of Field Work Practices (PKL) for PTI Study Program students 2017 and 2018 on Wednesday (6/01/2021). The webinar was held online and was attended by around 50 participants.
The event was opened with remarks from Muhammad Herman Saputra (2019) as the chief executive, Jibran Fawaid (2017) as the head of EMPTI and Admaja Dwi Herlambang, S.Pd., M.Pd. as Head of PTI Study Program.
On this occasion, Herlambang also played a role as a speaker who provided various general information related to PKL. Some important things that were conveyed included provisions for being able to submit PKL applications, the types of PKL recognized in the PTI Study Program and the PKL registration mechanism.
Herlambang stated that PKL should ideally be implemented in 7 (seven) semester, but basically according to the provisions in the Academic Guidance of FILKOM UB, students can apply for PKL if the number of courses that have been taken and passed has reached a minimum of 96 credits. During the covid-19 pandemic since May 2020, online PKL provisions were enforced for all FILKOM students for mutual security.

“The difference with offline PKL, the administrations that need to be processed in this online PKL are registration and seminar results. Besides, everything is the same as offline PKL, “Herlambang explained.
There are three types of PKL that can be apply by PTI Study Program students, namely external online PKL at agencies outside FILKOM, FILKOM internal online PKL and independent internal online PKL. FILKOM’s internal online PKL is an online PKL that is carried out in a unit, sub-division or laboratory in FILKOM. Meanwhile, independent internal online PKL is online PKL by working on projects from FILKOM lecturers.
Regarding the further PKL submission procedure, it can be accessed at There are two types of submissions that can be done. A Procedure is PKL submission for students who already have PKL groups and places. Meanwhile, B Procedure is a PKL application for students who already have a PKL group but do not yet have a PKL place, or a PKL place to cancel or reject online PKL submitted by students. [DNA / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]