Socialization, Consultation, and Services on the Registration of Intellectual Property Rights

Universitas Brawijaya held socialization, consultation, and registration on Intellectual Property, Friday (12/8/2022) at UB Guest House.

The activity is carried out as an effort to provide legal certainty to the results of intellectual property. This is important to do to encourage people’s welfare in dealing with the post-COVID-19 pandemic and bring intellectual services closer to the people of East Java.

Presented as one of the presenters was the main patent examiner. The activity was attended by 77 participants.

UB is one of the state universities that is listed as the largest patent registrar in Indonesia. This can be the main capital to further trigger creativity and new innovations in the community to produce various business activities.

The Head of the East Java Copyright Legal Services Division, Dr. Subiakta Mandala, as the East Java Copyright Law Service Division Head, said that he welcomed this activity. This activity is very important to carry out, especially to face the passion of the community after the pandemic. The government is here to facilitate public access in an effort to register various ideas, creations and works. (PON/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).