UB Solidarity For Palestine at the 8th  Period of Graduation

There is something different in the graduation procession this period. During the inauguration procession of 791 graduation participants for the 8th period of the 2023/2024 academic year, the Rector and Chair of the Academic Senate of Brawijaya University were seen wearing scarves bearing the Palestinian flag.

The Rector wore a scarf with the symbol of Palestine at the 8th period of graduation

According to Widodo, the use of this scarf is a form of support and solidarity for the Palestinian people. This is a real effort to express concern about the difficult conditions being faced by the people in Palestine. He also emphasized that the decision to wear a Palestinian scarf was not just a symbol, but a real action that reflects the values of humanity and justice upheld by the university.

“UB also continues to strive to equip students, so that all students understand the role and position of being part of the nation’s children, who must continue to strive to make this nation better. We are also part of the world, what happens at the end of the world is also our responsibility. Today, UB also mourns the many human tragedies that have occurred. We pray that the humanitarian tragedy in Palestine will end soon,” he said. “I also appealed to students to actively participate in humanitarian actions, whatever your role,” he said.

On this occasion, The Rector, Widodo also expressed his appreciation to the graduates for their dedication and hard work while studying at Brawijaya University. He hopes that graduates of this university will be able to become agents of change who have a positive impact on society and the nation.

This graduation not only provided beautiful memories for the graduates and their families, but also became a historical moment with a symbol of solidarity that will continue to be remembered in their future journey. (VQ/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)