Smart CCTV COVID-19 Helps Detecting Violators of Health Protocols


Five students from Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Alfian Fitrayansyah (FT’19), Affan Affandi (FT’18), Akmal Adnan Attamami (FMIPA’18), Muchammad Nasyruddin Hakim (FT’18), and Muhammad Lutfi Ardiansyah (FPIK’18) under the guidance of Raden Arief Setyawan, ST., MT. making innovation “Smart Mapping System for The Potential Spread of COVID-19 via CCTV on The Road Based on Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, Integrated with Vehicle Number Data”.

The creation of the CCTV started from the team’s anxiety of seeing the increasing number of COVID-19 cases while public awareness of the implementation of the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) rules, in the use of masks, was still lack.

By utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology combined with CCTV technology, this innovation is believed to be able to assist in handling cases of the spread of COVID-19 by capturing the faces and license plates of motorcycle drivers who violate health protocols.

“The photo of the violator’s license plate can be used to track the identity of the violator through the license plate ownership data. After obtaining the identity of the violator, then the data is synchronized with the SIM data to check the address of the driver. The next process is mapping the address on the identity obtained as an area that has the potential for COVID-19 because one of the people does not comply with the health protocol while on the road. After mapping out areas with the potential for COVID-19, the government can take preventive actions in those areas, such as conducting socialization, or even imposing sanctions to violators,” said one team member, Nasyruddin Hakim from Civil Engineering.

This solution can help the government in determining policies without waiting for data on the high number of areas affected by Covid-19 cases. By mapping the distribution of areas potentially affected by Covid-19, the government can take preventive actions before the high number of Covid-19 cases in the area, such as conducting counseling and providing strict sanctions specifically for the area.

After passing through various file selections and presentations in front of the jury, Smart COVID-19 won the Gold Medal Awards at the 2021 International Invention Competition For Young Moslem Scientists (IICYMS), which was attended by around 157 teams from 15 countries. In addition, they also received Special Awards from Malaysia Innovation, Invention and Creativity Association (MIICA).

“With this innovation, it is hoped that it will have impact on increasing public compliance with health protocols and can prevent the early spread of COVID-19,” said Alfian. (NH/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).