BUMDes Synergy in Managing Village Tourism

Tribuana site

A team of partner service from the Faculty of Economics and Business, chaired by Shofwan, SE., M. Si, assisted in a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on the Synergy Management of the Tri Buana Archaeological Site between BUMDesa Kahuripan and the Environmentally Friendly Cultural Heritage Preservation Center, Saturday (30/9/ 2023). Another team member, namely Dr. Wahdiyatmoko, SE., MM and Dr. Iswan Noor SE., ME.

“The phenomenon of historical heritage-based village tourism management in synergy with other institutions, namely BUMDesa Kahuripan, is a special attraction for us,” said Shofwan.


He explained that the synergy of cooperation in managing ancient sites between business units and the cultural preservation agency for the East Java XI region has become a best practice for BUMDesa. One of them is because the participation of local residents in obtaining the benefits of the site is quite high.

“The BUMDesa business unit involves the community in collecting retribution money, for example for entrance fees, parking and renting shophouses around the location. “All the retributions become income for the BUMDesa business unit,” he explained.

On the other hand, Balai allows the commercialization of these cultural sites with condition that BUMDesa maintains the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and plants trees to preserve nature and the environment around the site.

With the support of a supporting team consisting of Muhammad Reyhan Ramadhan and Dira Lutfi Wijayanti, the team and the community discussed how to manage this historical heritage site, how it works so that BUMDesa and Balai business units can manage it together.

Even though the position is relatively difficult to reach because it is in the middle of rice fields, this site destination is often visited by school children. Its position in the middle of the rice fields of Klinterejo village, Sooko subdistrict, Mojokerto district, is an additional attraction for visiting tourists.[tim/sitirahma/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]