Preparing Students for PIMNAS 2023,  FEB Held PKM School

Vice Dean of FEB Explains the PKM School

The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Brawijaya (FEB UB) organizes a Student Creativity Program (PKM) School to prepare students to become one of the contingents at the 2023 National Student Science Week (PIMNAS).

FEB Dean, Abdul Ghofar, said the PKM school was an excellent innovation to improve student achievement in the field of reasoning.

“Hopefully in 2023 there will be many FEB delegates who qualify for PIMNAS,” he said.

PKM Principal Setyo Tri Wahyudi said the activity would provide incentives in the form of an opportunity to convert 20-23 credits. This applies to each PKM delegation according to the stages followed and passed by them.

“In carrying out this conversion, the school team has prepared a curriculum that will later become a reference in the process of recognizing credits for courses. Of course, the recognition process is carried out by involving academic fields in faculties, departments and study programs at FEB UB,” said the FEB lecturer.

The implementation of PKM School is prepared into several stages.

Vice Dean 3 of FEB Aulia Fuad Rahman, explained that there are four stages of PKM School, namely PKM I School, PKM II School, Monev Assistance and Finalist Preparation for PIMNAS.

Prof. Dr. Ir. BAMBANG DWI ARGO, DEA Delivering PKM Material

“From all these series, it is expected that FEB students can prepare quality proposals and be ready to compete at the national level. At the PKM I School stage, participants will take part in a series of material delivery activities which will be carried out online from 9-11 January 2023, then will be continued with assistance from lecturers,” he said.

The first presentation about the history and types of PKM by Bambang Dwi Argo, UB FTP Lecturer. In this material, one thing that is emphasized is that the uploaded proposal must comply with the format according to the guidebook.

Bambang said “writing the format to be the main contributor is the reason why PKM proposals fail to be assessed by reviewers.”

So that no matter how good the proposal that has been prepared, but the format is not suitable, it will automatically not pass the next selection.

Faculty of Economics and Business UB as one of the major faculties at Universitas Brawijaya is the main contributor in supporting student achievement at the university level. This year the achievements of FEB UB students at the national and international levels totaled 737 with 648 and 89 respectively. With this provision, FEB UB continues to strive to improve achievements in order to achieve the predetermined performance indicators.

The PKM school is designed to provide knowledge to students by presenting speakers from inside and outside UB. (Feb/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)