Cereal Flakes from Millet Flour for Indonesian Food Security

Indonesian people choose rice as a staple food to support daily activities with a percentage reaching 98%. However, the area of rice harvested land has decreased from year to year.

This could disrupt food security in Indonesia and result in Indonesia having to import rice since domestic rice production is not able to meet domestic needs. If we continue to import rice, the price of rice in Indonesia has the potential to increase significantly.

Therefore, five students from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Brawijaya University (FTP UB) from the Food Science and Technology study program created an innovative cereal flakes made from fermented millet flour as an effort to diversify food in Indonesia

The five students are Brilliant Praditya (FTP 2021) as the chairman, Achmad Syaekhu Alamsyah (FTP 2021), Helena Teodora (FTP 2021), Devy Tiyona (FTP 2022), Sheila Sagita (FTP 2022) under the guidance of Dego Yusa Ali, STP, M.Sc.

“Cereal flakes made from fermented millet flour are a food innovation that uses local food ingredients. The reason for choosing millet in our product is that it is easy to grow in various conditions, even in dry areas. Moreover, in terms of nutrition, millet contains high levels of fiber which is good for digestion. The high fiber content also means millet has a low glycemic index so it can be consumed by diabetes sufferers,” said Briliant Praditya.

Cereal flakes made from fermented millet flour are expected to be a solution to the problem of food diversification in Indonesia. This product innovation is the result of research funding by ASIC ARSC FTP UB in 2023. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).