Absorbing Aspiration of Cooperative  Draft Bill, FH Collaborates with the Ministry of Cooperative and SME RI to Hold National Seminar

FH UB Together with the Ministry of Cooperative and SME Holds a National Seminar on Absorbing the Aspirations of the Cooperative Bill

Malang – On December 18 2023, the Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University (FH UB) in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs (KemenkoPUKM) held an Aspiration Absorption Activity to discuss the Draft Cooperative Law which was being revised.

The event which took place in the Auditorium on the 6th floor of A Building FH UB aimed to provide stakeholders with an in-depth understanding of the revision of the Cooperative Law, as well as providing information and a basis for analysis for the government, the cooperative movement and the private sector.

The activity of Absorbing Aspirations for the Draft Cooperative Law is intended to provide understanding to stakeholders regarding the revision of the Cooperative Law as well as providing information and a basis for analysis for stakeholders (Government/cooperative movement/private sector) – as a basis for policy formulation in drafting criminal provisions in this Draft Cooperative Law.

This activity included many speakers, from academics represented by Prof. Dr. Maryunani, S.E., M.S., and Dr. Herman Suryokumoro, S.H., M.S. Meanwhile, the KemenkoPUKM brought in a Team of Experts consisting of Noer Sutrisno MA, PhD, Dr. Agung Nur Fajar, and Ir. Arfian Muslim MR., who expressed his hope that the resulting regulations could provide optimal protection for cooperative members and make their operational activities easier.

In his speech, Noer Sutrisno MA, PhD, conveyed the importance of involving all relevant parties in discussing the Draft Cooperative Law. “We believe that through open and participatory dialogue, we can create regulations that support the development of cooperatives as a strong economic pillar,” he said.

The discussion began with a detailed explanation of the substantial changes in the Draft Cooperative Law. In this presentation, the team from KemenkoPUKM explained that the main aim of absorbing these aspirations is to increase regulatory clarity, support innovation in cooperatives, and create a strong legal foundation for cooperative development.

The government plans to continue to encourage this participatory process by involving all stakeholders in various stages of drafting the Draft Cooperative Law. It is hoped that this Absorbing Aspiration activity will become the basis for the formation of regulations that are more inclusive and capable of creating a strong cooperative ecosystem in Indonesia. (rma/FH PR/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)