The Track Record of UB-RSUB-RSSA EMT in Mamuju

Entering the third day of Emergency Medical Team service in collaboration with dr. Saiful Anwar Malang, Universitas Brawijaya and Universitas Brawijaya Hospital, to this day, have recorded 77 cases handled at West Sulawesi Provincial Hospital, in Mamuju.
At this location, the EMT team prepared to set up the Emergency Room as a patient entrance and set up the operating room. The emergency room arrangement for patients is also aimed at facilitating the flow of patients and officers, as well as separating general patients and patients who are confirmed positive for Covid-19, who will be treated separately in the National Disaster Management Agency tent which is also located around the hospital.
According to Ns. Bintari Ratih K, S.Kep., M.Kep, one of the medical personnel who left for Mamuju, the majority cases handled were due to the disaster during the earthquake, although there were other cases such as reported, acute asthma until confirmed positive for Covid-19.
Last Saturday and Sunday (23-24 / 1), each case of 1 cesarean section was recorded with a mother who confirmed positive for Covid-19. Also on Saturday, there were 31 cases with a majority of 50 percent injured due to being hit by heavy objects during the earthquake.
“Data on Sunday (24/1) there were 35 cases of incoming patients and observations,” added the Nursing lecturer.
“EMT also arranged for monitors damaged by the earthquake and prepared emergency trolleys. dr. Muhammad Irawan, Sp.A from Child Health Sciences and Erwin Wicaksono, S. Kep, who created an emergency pediatric intensive care unit to monitor the condition of newborns. There are already 6 babies born on Sunday, January 24, ”said the Nurse, a Nursing Nurse alumnus.
Not only that, a team of orthopedic surgeons and anesthetics are working with the hospital to rearrange the operating room so that it remains sterile and safe to use even in a disaster.
The EMT team has also donated special supplements for health workers and handed over emergency medicines such as epinephrine to help fill the pharmacy depot at the West Sulawesi Provincial Hospital.
Apart from the hospital, the EMT team also provides community health services. “Today, (Monday 25/1), 4 team members left for the refugee camp. 19 cases were handled, most of them complained of coughs, colds, fever and diarrhea. Yesterday (Sunday 24/1) dr. Sri Sunarti, Sp.PDK-GER also conducted a home visit to Binanga Village, “he concluded.
It is planned that the EMT team will be in Mamuju for 8 days with 6 days effective for health services. Medical and health personnel will be on standby for emergencies. (VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)