The Rousing of 65th Anniversary Health Walk of FH UB

In commemorating the 65th anniversary, Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya held a health walk, on Saturday (2/7/2022). This activity was attended by around 200 civitas consisting of the Rectorate, lecturers, education staff, family of the civitas as well as student representatives.

The healthy walk is carried out from 06.00 – 11.30 WIB. The starting point for a healthy walk is in the front yard of Faculty of Law UB and surrounding area of ​​Universitas Brawijaya which ends (finish) in the front yard of Faculty of Law UB. Before the health walk begins, each participant is given a voucher as a coupon to be exchanged during the door prize drawing.

After doing the healt walk, all participants collected coupons and had breakfast together around the event stage.

Several events held on the second day of the 65th Anniversary of FH UB include healthy walks, breakfast together, announcement of prizes for various competitions, distribution of door prizes, to dance and music performances.

At the time of the door prize distribution, many participants were happy and enthusiastic about getting the prize. Some of the prizes that were distributed included cellphones, folding bikes, cash, shopping vouchers, household appliances, televisions, motorbikes, and many more.

The enthusiasm of the participants showed that this series of healthy walks was indeed packaged with a more relaxed concept. So that all participants, especially the Academic Civitas, were entertained and happy.

Previously, on Friday (1/7/2022), a Scientific Oration was held in the 6th Floor Auditorium of A Building FH UB which is one of the series of FH UB Anniversary with the theme “Strengthening Legal Education for Social Justice”. (FH/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)