The Spirit of Devotion of 14 Thousand Students towards Building 1000 Villages Movement

As many as 14,000 students from Universitas Brawijaya from various study programs have begun to be deployed to take part in the Village Building Student Program (MMD) which are scattered in various regions, especially the province of East Java. The departure of the MMD group will be carried out in five waves, (30/6/2023 – 4/7/2023) and will be attended by 215 student/village groups along with field assistant lecturers (DPL). The ceremony of releasing the representatives of 785 MMD students was officially opened by UB Rector, Prof. Widodo, SSi., MSi., PhD in Samantha Krida building and attended directly by the Military Commander V Brawijaya, Major General TNI Farid Makruf to give directions to all participants attending the event, Friday (30/6).

The MMD program is one of the activities designed to increase the involvement of tertiary institutions through the active role of students in making a real contribution to strengthen the social, economic and environmental capacities of the community. MMD participants will not only carry out visitations, but will also be involved in various field service activities such as counseling, training, community empowerment, and other activities aimed at providing benefits for village development. The MMD program can also be a case study for every student involved, they will interact to be part of the solution to problems faced by local communities, such as health, education, environment and technology problems.

The Rector hopes that all participants can hone individual skills in building cross-disciplinary and cross-competence group collaboration, carry out governance and planning according to village needs, so that this potential can be conveyed in a sustainable manner. In addition, participants are required to be able to adapt to the culture of the surrounding community, how to establish communication, develop local wisdom values in everyday life. “This activity is a means for students to develop patterns of thinking, perspectives and applying knowledge gained at tertiary institutions to village development, so that the impact can be felt by the academic community (students, lecturers) to the community,” he said.

General Major, Farid Makruf as the Military Commander V Brawijaya gave enthusiasm and appreciation to all MMD participants. For him, this program will synergize regional institutions with academics and the TNI to carry out community service functions in order to advance villages in East Java. According to him, the most important thing in this activity is to foster enthusiasm and mutual cooperation which is increasingly invisible in the current era. “Difficulties, obstacles and pressure will certainly exist when students later carry out community service, but one thing that must not be lost is maintaining fighting spirit and a sense of mutual assistance as part of the reflection of the nation. Make the MMD program a test of the quality of life for each of you, as students who will be forged to face real life when they graduate from college,” he added.

MMD 1000 Village must be attended by students who have taken semester 4 of the Bachelor/Diploma 4 Program (batch of 2021) and can be designated for students of class 2019 and 2020 who have not received community service activities or the equivalent. The recognition for this activity is UBU-60005 MK Community Service (4 credits) in the even to odd semesters of the academic year concerned. The following is the schedule for the departure of MMD students which are carried out in stages.

First day of departure (215 Villages 1 Regency) Friday, June 30 2023, Malang Regency Area: 215 Villages (east and south areas).

Second day of departure (215 villages, 6 regencies) Saturday, 1 July 2023, Region:

Malang: 27 Villages (Pujon, Kasembon, Ngantang),

Blitar Regency : 112 Villages

Jombang Regency : 20 Villages

Kediri Regency : 20 Villages

Tulungagung Regency : 21 Villages

Batu City: 15 Villages

Third day of departure (183 villages, 7 districts) Sunday, July 2 2023, Region:

Madiun Regency: 46 Villages

Magetan Regency: 20 Villages

Nganjuk Regency: 9 villages

Ngawi Regency: 20 villages

Pacitan Regency: 15 Villages

Ponorogo Regency: 43 Villages

Trenggalek Regency: 30 Villages

Fourth day of departure (187 villages, 11 regencies) Monday, 3 July 2023, Region:

Bangkalan Regency : 8 Villages

Bojonegoro Regency: 37 Villages

Gresik Regency: 10 Villages

Lamongan Regency: 9 Villages

Malang Regency: 37 Villages (Singosari, Lawang, Karangploso)

Mojokerto Regency: 18 Villages

Pamekasan Regency: 6 Villages

Sampang Regency: 8 Villages

Sidoarjo Regency: 34 Villages

Sumenep Regency: 5 Villages

Tuban Regency: 15 Villages

Fifth day of departure (200 Villages, 7 Regencies) Tuesday, July 4 2023, Region:

Banyuwangi Regency: 32 villages

Bondowoso Regency: 32 villages

Jember Regency: 23 villages

Lumajang Regency: 24 Villages

Pasuruan Regency: 32 Villages

Probolinggo Regency : 37 Villages

Situbondo Regency : 20 Villages


(Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)