The Spirit of Heroes’ Day, FISIP UB Launches an Integrity Zone

The commemoration of Heroes’ Day at FISIP Universitas Brawijaya Malang was marked by different activities. FISIP UB academic community launched an Integrity Zone on Heroes’ Day, Friday (10/11/2023) at UB Nuswantara Auditorium.

The Dean of FISIP UB, Prof. Anang Sujoko S.Sos., M.Si., D.COMM, said that the launch of the Integrity Zone was not only about the enthusiasm to make it happen. However, the declaration which was carried out to coincide with Heroes’ Day also hoped that a spirit of heroism would emerge.

“Today we are indeed declaring an integrity zone. But, of course this is not enough. “With this declaration which will be carried out on November 10 2023, hopefully the spirit of heroism will also emerge,” he said.

“With this launch on November 10, it is also hoped that there will be a spirit of sacrifice, a spirit of defending purity and defending justice. “Hopefully this can give more enthusiasm to the integrity zone that we do,” continued Anang Sujoko.

This doctoral graduate from the University of South Australia said that the launch of this Integrity Zone is a public institution’s embodiment of performance transparency. In addition, as a university with PTNBH status, responsibility for performance is not only internal but also external.

“Every leader has a commitment to be professional, anti-corruption, collusion, nepotism, and I as Dean support this effort because with the declaration of this integrity zone we will be monitored,” explained Anang Sujoko.

Especially for FISIP UB, Anang Sujoko is committed to providing the best service. By signing the integrity pact, conflicts of interest will be avoided.

“As a dean, of course you have to treat staff fairly. For example, if I don’t like him, I shouldn’t make policies that are detrimental to him. Likewise, for example, if one of my staff makes a mistake, even though they are someone close to the leadership, they cannot be protected because there are already regulations that regulate it,” he stressed.

In the faculty area too, FISIP has formed three teams, namely the Integrity Zone, Agent of Change and the Anti-Gratification team to strengthen the launch of the Integrity Zone. This launch was attended by all leadership elements such as Vice Deans, Head of Department, Head of Study Program, Head of Unit, Head of Laboratory and Head of Administration.

Meanwhile, the Head of UB’s Integrity Zone, Dr Ngesti D Prasetyo SH., M.Hum, explained that FISIP is the 18th work unit that has launched an Integrity Zone within Brawijaya University. Furthermore, the university will also do the same thing in business entities and institutions under the University. (FISIP PR/OKY /UB PR/ Trans. Iir)