Safe the Environment, Communication Lecturers Collect Skincare Garbage

The pile of garbage, especially from skincare packaging, made two lecturers of the Communication Studies Study Program Universitas Brawijaya, Wifka Rahma Syauki and Wayan Weda Asmara Dewi, moved.

Through community service activities, these two female lecturers actively voiced environmental campaigns to care about plastic waste. One of them is by collecting skincare waste.

Wifka Rahma Syauki said that his party chose skincare packaging because based on research in 2020, the beauty industry produces 120 billion packages annually.

“Most of the packaging is not recyclable. Moreover, the skincare residue that sticks to the packaging is actually very harmful to the environment,” she explained.

To expedite the process of collecting skincare waste, UB Communication Studies Study Program cooperates with Marrine Buddies Malang, one of the NGOs under WWF who is active in the Environmental Care Movement. One way to collect skincare waste, they open a booth at FISIP for those who want to participate.

Skin care waste collected from various activities has reached up to 10 kilograms. Wifka explained that the results of the skincare waste collection were channeled back to the El Tari Waste Bank.

Wifka hopes that this community service activity that focuses on environmental communication campaigns can be a strategy for changing people’s behavior.

“The management of skincare packaging waste has not been maximized if it is not supported by awareness from the consumer side to participate actively and wisely in the remaining skincare packaging,” she explained.

He added that the company itself must also consider the use of packaging that is sustainable or can be recycled.

“The plan is for next year’s target we will include producers or from the industry side so that the sustainability of the program can be consistent and environmental awareness is higher,” continued Wifka.

Meanwhile, Faqiha Salme, a representative of Marrine Buddies, said that the collect your skin care program is an action to invite people to care more about used skincare packaging.

Faqiha also said that the level of caring for one’s environment is analogous to the level of faith.

“People who at least throw garbage in its place can already be called believers, so if the level of faith wants to increase, it can be developed by sorting the waste, or even managing the waste,” she concluded. (Humas Fisip/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)