Welcome to Ramadan 1442 Hijriyah: Tarhib, Targhib and Fiqih Ramadan

In welcoming the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, the Faculty of Computer Science UB held a Ramadan study which was filled by K.H. Haidar Hannan, the Head of Al-Falah Islamic Boarding School, Malang. This event was held online via zoom on Tuesday (6/4/2021) and was hosted by Tibyani, ST, MT. The holy month of Ramadan is an opportunity for every servant of Allah to further increase his piety, because this month has several virtues or benefits.

K.H. Haidar Hannan conveyed that Ramadan was called as the Syahrul Qur’an or the month of the Alquran and the month of patience. Through the month of Ramadan, Allah educates his servants to always remember Him so that they can always be patient. Patience must be a decoration for every Muslim, with patience it is hoped that the character of patience will be created in a person. Because with patience, many problems will be resolved properly.

Apart from that, Ramadan is also said to be a month for sharing. Muslims are encouraged to be more active in doing good including sharing kindness with anyone. Rasulullah SAW said that Ramadan contains many virtues. Allah enlarges His mercy in the month of Ramadan. Allah will multiply the good done by his servants in the month of Ramadan. There is a hadith that says it is recommended that people who fast immediately multiply their alms because Rasulullah SAW is the most generous person in the month of Ramadan. One who can do good in general, the rewards of good deeds of any kind will be multiplied compared to the rewards of good deeds done outside the month of Ramadan.

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is compulsory. All scholars agree that fasting in the month of Ramadan is compulsory and is one of the pillars of Islam that everyone should know. Whoever denies it, that person is infidel. However, for people who are traveling far, sick, pregnant women, menstruating, childbirth or breastfeeding, they can leave the obligation to fast for Ramadan but must replace it, as written in the letter of Al Baqarah 185 which contains:

“(Some of the specified days are) the month of Ramadan, the month in which the Qur’an was revealed as a guide for humans and explanations regarding that guidance and differentiation (between the true and the false). Therefore whoever among you witnesses that month, let him fast in that month. ”[QS. Al-Baqarah: 185]

K.H. Haidar Hannan also advised by the arrival of the month of Ramadan, welcome it with joy, learn fiqih in Ramadan, stick to strong determination and make preparations to achieve excellence in the month of Ramadan, fill with various kinds of good deeds and ask Allah for help to be given strength to always worship well. (drn / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)