“Scholar’s Lounge” Library as a Quality Place for Assistance in Writing Student Final Assignments

Brawijaya University (UB) Library presents a new exclusive space called “Scholar’s Lounge.” This room is specifically designed to provide assistance and journal clinics to students who are pursuing writing final assignments, such as undergraduate theses, theses and dissertations.

Scholar’s Lounge is not just a space, but also a place that facilitates the learning process and academic growth of students. The location of the Scholar’s Lounge is on the 1st floor of UB Library Building, which is designed modern and elegant and equipped with technological devices that support the learning and discussion process. The superior facilities that we provide at the Scholar’s Lounge are, firstly, professional assistance. Scholar’s Lounge offers easy access to professional assistance provided by a team of library experts including: Ir. Heri Prayitno, Pitoyo Widhi Atmoko, S.Si., M.Si, Maria Desi Swista Dewi, S.Pd, S.Hum and Cuikitalia, SE., MM. Students can discuss ideas, structure their research, and overcome their writing challenges with direct guidance from experts.

Second, Journal Clinic. This room is also a place for journal clinics, where students can understand in depth how to manage and select reputable sources to support their research. With journal clinics, students can improve their information literacy skills.

Third, Discussion Room. The Scholar’s Lounge is equipped with comfortable discussion rooms and is equipped with modern technology, facilitating group conversations and the exchange of ideas between students. This creates a collaborative atmosphere that encourages intellectual growth.

Fourth, Access the Latest Literature. Students can easily access the latest library collections, scientific journals and leading electronic resources that support their research. UB Library guarantees that the Scholar’s Lounge is equipped with the latest resources to ensure the quality and sustainability of student research.

Fifth, Digital Video Studio is Disability Friendly. An innovative facility designed to facilitate and support the creativity of individuals with disabilities in video production. The studio has been designed with particular attention to accessibility and special needs, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their physical or sensory condition, can easily access and use the facilities.

Advantages for Students

Special Assistance

Students can use special assistance tailored to their needs, speeding up the writing process and improving the quality of their final assignments.

Exchange of Ideas

Discussion rooms create an environment that supports the exchange of ideas and collaboration, giving students the opportunity to learn from the experiences and research of their peers.

Improved Information Literacy Skills

Through journal clinics, students can improve their information literacy skills, helping them become more skilled and critical researchers.

Modern Facilities

With modern facilities and the latest technology, Scholar’s Lounge provides a fun and efficient learning experience for students.

Scholar’s Lounge in UB Library is not just a room; This is an initiative that aims to provide full support to students in their final assignment writing journey. With superior facilities and special assistance, this room is expected to be a catalyst for academic success for generations of UB students.

Since it was officially launched on November 27 2023, Scholar’s Lounge immediately received a good response from UB students. Starting from undergraduate and even doctoral students come to the Scholar’s Lounge to get assistance and consult with UB librarians regarding writing their final assignments.

“This Journal Mentoring and Clinic service is very useful for us in looking for references in writing our final assignments. Then the librarians are also very communicative, assisted privately so they can have intense consultations. The atmosphere in the Scholar’s Lounge is also OK, representative so it supports the consultation and discussion process,” said Supriyadi, a doctoral student at the Faculty of Agriculture who at that time came to the Scholar’s Lounge.

Enjoy exploring and discovering your full potential at Scholar’s Lounge! For UB academic community who want to receive Mentoring and Journal Clinics, please make an appointment first at UB Library WA CS number: 081317663974. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).