SB-Tech: Cold Storage Using Wind Power, A Sollution for the Fishermen in Sendang Biru

SB-Tech Design, Cold Storage Using Wind Power from UB Students

Tuna has been known as Indonesia’s favorite fishery export commodity and the second largest contributor to foreign exchange after shrimp commodity. The demand for tuna is quite high in both local and international markets. However, this demand has not been maximally fulfilled due to the decline in the quality of tuna caught by fishermen. This quality decrease is caused by a less than optimal cooling process, so that the fish rot quickly. This problem is also experienced by fishermen in Sendang Biru, Malang.

To overcome these problems, six students of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) created cooling technology or cold storage by using wind as energy which will later be converted into electrical energy which is named “SB-TECH”. They are Diana Permatasari, Rika Fitria Ulfa, Winda Lestari Marhaningsih, Tania Nilakandhi, Donie Marta Setyawan, and Rifki Ariffandi.

Under the guidance of a lecturer at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK), Dr.Ir. Agoes Soeprijanto, MS, they succeed to get funding in Student Creativity Program (PKM) 2020 in the field of Technology Application which was organized by the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture.

SB-Tech design, Cold Storage on fishing boats.

The Team of SB-TECH, Diana Permatasari said that the quality decrease of the fish was usually due to the storage process which not using high temperatures for a long time. “Therefore, SB-TECH is designed to help solving the problems faced by fishermen in Sendang Biru, Malang, regarding the quality of fish that is not fresh and to keep the temperature of the hold cool,” explained Diana.

Donie Marta Setyawan added that overall SB-TECH was built using several components that are connected to one another, that is by connecting the input, process and output parts. SB-TECH utilizes wind energy to rotate the propeller.

“This tool is actually like cold storage in general, but there is one thing that stands out, that is the use of wind to be used as energy to cool the tuna hold,” said one of the monitoring and evaluation judges 1 of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Ir. Sukandar. MP.

The hope is that SB-TECH can be realized to the fishermen of  Sendang Biru, Malang, and can overcome the problems that are often faced, that is the decline in fish quality caused by high temperatures. [RikaF / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]