Resilient Campus Task Force: UB Academic Community Must Obey the Health Protocol

By the increased cases in almost all areas, especially in Malang Raya, it resulted an increase in cases on campus.

Data from the Resilient Campus Task Force from July to December 2020 stated that 75 lecturers and education staff were confirmed positive for Covid-19. This was explained by the Head of the Resilient Campus Implementation Facilitation Monitoring Team, Prof. Dr. Unti Ludigdo in his official statement on Wednesday (3/12) via video conference.

“The confirmed community is staff and lecturers. students are not included in the data that comes to us, “he said.

According to Unti, most of the increase in this number was mainly due to the activities of the academic community outside the campus, both personal and official activities related to external parties.

“The impact of this then spreads within the campus due to interactions between people that cannot be prevented by the strict internal campus rules,” he added.

However, as part of the optimization efforts, UB has issued Rector Instruction No. 9644 of 2020 dated 24 November 2020 concerning the Enforcement of Health Protocols and the Prevention of Covid-19 Transmission in Universitas Brawijaya.

The hope is that this rule will be obeyed by all academicians of UB and continue to care for themselves, so that they can save themselves, their families and colleagues.

There are six points in the instruction, which are the first point is to enforce health protocols for the prevention of Covid-19 within their respective scope of work.

The second point is to reactivate the Covid-19 handling and prevention task force or resilient campus task forces in each work unit. The third point is to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission to the academic community by prohibiting the implementation of activities that will be attended by people with more than 50% of the space capacity on campus and prohibiting the implementation of activities in hotels or other public places outside the campus.

Being more selective in approving activities that present guests from outside UB and ensuring the proper application of health protocols if the activity must be carried out and reporting to the UB Covid-19 prevention and control team as the fourth point.

The fifth and sixth points are to be more selective in assigning assignments to lecturers as resource persons or other assignments in forums requested by agencies or other third parties and conveying the condition of themselves and / or their families if confirmed positively to the UB Covid-19 prevention and control team and / or the task force for handling and preventing Covid-19 from each work unit for handling and preventing further transmission to other academicians.

He also appealed to continue to follow the Rector’s Regulation number 35 of 2020 concerning the Implementation of the Resilient Campus of Universitas Brawijaya in the Period and Post-Pandemic Covid-19.

“This rule is relatively detailed and has wide perspective in anticipating the possibility of this unpredictable pandemic development, covering academic, general and financial affairs and student affairs in a strict scheme, a transition period and a new normal.

UB has also issued several Rector Circular Letters related to handling and preventing the spread of Covid-19, including those that are specific about SOP for various activities.

The UB Resilient Campus Monevfas Task Force continues to call and invite all academicians to carry out the 4M movement (using masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, and avoiding crowds). Meanwhile, for the handling of those that have been confirmed positively by the academic community, the pattern of prevention is carried out by means of 4 T (tracing, testing, treatment, and telling risk communication).

If UB community members need help, they can contact the respective faculty Task Force or the UB Monevfas Task Force through the Hotline at number 08113631611. (VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)