SAS, an Anti-Sway Stretcher Made by UB Students

Three students of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) consisting of Natasya, Anton Hendra Kusuma, and Diana Novitasari made an anti-sway folding stretcher called Stabilizer Ambulance Stretcher (SAS).

In an emergency situation, an ambulance stretcher is used if the patient has moving difficulty to be moved to an ambulance.

“Commonly, the stretcher used is a wheeled stretcher which can be a problem if it used on uneven and rough roads,” said the team representative, Natasya.

Natasya added that there were cases of patient evacuation, folding stretchers were more efficient than wheeled stretchers.

“Although the folding stretchers are more efficient, they have a higher risk of transmitting vibrations than wheeled stretchers in the evacuation process because they rely on human power,” said Natasya.

The potential for vibration during evacuation of a conventional folding stretcher can be caused by differences in lifting heights, fatigue, and tremors by medical personnel.

These vibrations can worsen the patient’s condition. Therefore, a stretcher stabilizer was made named SAS.

The main working principle of SAS is to adopt the workings of the camera gimbal.

The stretcher will be placed on a stabilizer board cavity with a gimbal system that utilizes the force of gravity and the direction of the patient’s load force being carried, so that it remains perpendicular stable to the earth’s gravity even though there are vibrations and shocks in the evacuation route.

The grip area which also has a swivel axis acts as a stabilizer that allows the stretcher to be balanced.

It can reduce the shock on the stretcher so it will not worsen the victimcondition during the evacuation process.

SAS is under the guidance of Debri Haryndia Putri, S.T., M.Ds. received funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture for the Creative initiative- Student Creativity Program (PKM KC). (NTS/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).