Saniskara, Batik Fashion Innovation Preserving Indonesian Culture for Young Generation

In this modern era, globalization has had a significant impact on the lives of Indonesian people. As time goes by, the lifestyle of Indonesian people is shifting towards a modern direction. This resulted in the old culture being displaced by foreign culture, thus forming a new culture in Indonesian society. This is what makes our culture one day will become extinct if we don’t continue to preserve it. One of the reasons is the lack of the next generation who have an interest in learning and inheriting their regional culture. One example is batik.

In this modern era, special attention is needed so that batik, which is the characteristic and pride of the Indonesian people, does not become extinct, namely by following fashion trends in the era of globalization. This is the background for five students from the Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) and the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Brawijaya University (UB) to preserve batik so that it regains popularity among young people through everyday clothing. The five students are Riko Nur Yuliansyah, Tegar Imanu Setia Adi, Najma Arsya Karima, Sifa’ Nuzulus Sakinah, and Rendi Rendika Febrian. With guidance by Drg. Miftakhul Cahyati, Sp.PM, the PKM-K team has succeeded in obtaining research funding from the Directorate General of Higher Education.

“The initial idea for our innovation was that we wanted the young generation of Indonesia to be able to use the brand name “SANISKARA”. “The word “Saniskara” itself comes from Sanskrit which means “everything,” said Riko as team leader.

Saniskara itself applies the Girilayu batik motif originating from Girilayu Village, Matesih District, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java in its innovative fashion products. The reason why Girilayu batik motif was chosen is because Girilayu batik has an impressive history, especially for the people of Karanganyar Regency. One of the most prominent motifs in Girilayu Batik is Tri Dharma Batik. This batik motif is a depiction of the Tugu Tri Dharma Monument which was built to commemorate the struggle of Raden Mas Said from Mataram against the Dutch. With this innovative design, Saniskara team intends to preserve Girilayu batik motif and collaborate with local fashion designers and tailors through Saniskara products. “Currently we have produced oversized tees by adapting Girilayu batik motif to Saniskara t-shirts, and it is possible that in the future we will increase our product types, such as shirts, blazers, varsity jackets, even koko shirts and tunics,” explained Riko. [pkmk/rs/pon/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]