“SAKTI” Overcoming the Odor on Helmet and Shoes

The inside part of the helmet is wet or damp and sweat triggers the appearance of odor-causing bacteria. This condition also occurs in the smell of shoes, which is caused by rarely drying the shoes and the wrong material or not even wearing socks.

An instant way to neutralize the odor is to spray perfume. However, the ingredients for making fragrances in perfume come from synthetic chemicals. These ingredients are obtained from petrochemicals that contain neurotoxin that can damage blood vessels or brain nerves. And there are carcinogenic content (substances that are considered to cause cancer).

To anticipate this problem, five students, namely Raden Suryo Setiawannoto (Fapet), Eva Nur Hidayah (Fapet), Puspita Sekar Kirana Dewi (Fapet), Eny Nur Hidayati (FEB), and Muhammad Nur Rokhim (Fapet) made odor removers from natural ingredients such as propolis and robusta coffee grounds which contain antibacterial compounds, so they are safe to use. The innovation initiated by the cross-department students is called “SAKTI

According to Raden Suryo as the team leader, propolis can be obtained from the beehive of Apis mellifera, which is a specialist bee producing propolis containing flavonoids. Has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and cariostatic properties. Meanwhile, robusta coffee grounds contain chlorogenic acid which has anti-cancer, anti-hepatitis B, anti-hypertensive and antioxidant functions.

SAKTI is equipped with nanoparticle technology measuring 1-200 nanometers that can penetrate the smallest spots. Several testing processes are carried out to ensure product quality including antibacterial activity test, TPC test, and organoleptic test. ” said Raden

“The potential for commercialization of SAKTI products is quite open, considering that the need for motorbikes is very high in line with the Indonesian Ministry of Health appeal for people to switch to using natural products.” he concluded (ENH / dta / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)