Providing Disabled Friendly Service , UB Students Won Silver Medal

Students of the Faculty of Law (FH) and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) succeeded in achieving achievements in the 1 Idea 1 World International Competition held by the Turkish Inventor’s Association in a hybrid manner in Istanbul Turkey, on Monday-Tuesday (16 -17/05/2022).

1 Idea 1 World is an international competition which is participated by all students from 22 countries. UB sent 5 people to take part in this competition, namely Fahrur Rozi (FH 2019), Herlin Sri Wahyuni ​​(FH 2019), Ida Bagus Ayodya Maheswara (FH 2019), Nadia Sheren Maulita (FISIP 2019), and Made Satya Mertanadi Sasputra (FH 2019 ).

The category of competition that UB students participate in is Invention Design and Startup, they carry the idea of ​​”Website-Based Disability Friendly Education Service Program to Empower Manpower to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (TPB) in 2030″ and in this competition they managed to get a silver medal.

“Looking at the condition of education in Indonesia, which until now there are still gaps, such as access to education in some parts of the country which is inadequate and education for people with disabilities which tends to be minimal. Therefore, we prepared an idea related to inclusive education in Indonesia which was realized through a website,” said one of the team members, Fahrur Rozi.

Fahrur added, the difficulty faced by the team in creating a website was the limited ability that required them to learn from scratch to create a website so that it could be accessed by everyone.

Meanwhile, Fahrur hopes that this website can help provide solutions to educational problems in Indonesia.

“We hope that this website can help improve the quality of the workforce and can realize the 2030 TPB, besides that we hope that after participating in this competition it can inspire other young people to continue to work and advance the welfare of Indonesia in the future,” said Fahrur. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]


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