UB Hospital Wins the Lawsuit at Malang District Court

Kanan Director of RSUB dr. Sri Andarini

Universitas Brawijaya Hospital (RSUB) won the lawsuit in Malang District Court. This statement was released on Thursday (15/10/2020) in RSUB Rajawali Room for the lawsuit filed by Fery Al Kahfi to the hospital owned by Universitas Brawijaya through Malang City District Court with Case Number 23 / Pdt.G / LH / 2020 / PN Mlg.

This lawsuit is related to illegal acts directed to RSUB, including violating environmental permits, building area that exceeds the permit, not having a building permit (IMB), and causing pollution / environmental pollution and congestion.

Presented to deliver this statement were the Director of RSUB, Dr.dr. Sri Andarini., M.Kes accompanied by UB attorney, Haru Permadi, SH along with the team of Universitas Brawijaya Law Service Office.

Andarini delivered the official decision of Malang City District Court on Tuesday (13/10/2020) which ruled that the lawsuit was unacceptable, so that the allegations argued by the plaintiff were not proven.

“UB or RSUB respect and obey the court decisions and statutory regulations.

All regulations and permits have been fulfilled by RSUB, since we are a Government Hospital, we try to obey all applicable regulations, “he explained.

The Dean of the Medical Faculty UB for the 2015-2019 period ensures that the operation of RSUB has been carried out by meeting the requirements, such as location permit number 188.45 / 351 / 35.73.112 / 2009 concerning Granting Location Permits for the Needs of Building Educational Facilities for UB Academic Hospital located at Jalan Soekarno Hatta, Jatimulyo Village and Mojolangu Village, Lowokwaru District; City Plan Information No. 1538 / KRX / IX / 2011; Site Plan in accordance with the Decree of the Mayor of Malang Number 188.45 / 223 / 35.73.112 / 2011; Building Construction Permit (IMB) Number 640 / 2997.73.407 / 2011; Operational permit Number 445/13 / 35.73.112 / 2016 as class C hospital; Environmental Permit Number 660/048 / 35.73.313 / 2017; Cooperation agreement letter between PT. Putra Restu Ibu Abadi (PRIA) Number 0583 / KS / LEG / PRIA-RSUB / B3 / VI / 2020 with Brawijaya University Number 44 / UN10.13 / KS / 2020, for the transportation process, and the processing / utilization / destruction of hazardous waste and toxic (B3 waste); Liquid Waste Treatment Permit Number 660.2 / 0008 / 35.73.406 / 2020.

RSUB is built on the land with the ownership certificate of the Right to Use (SHP) Number 34, 65, and 66 on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia Cq. Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia and managed by Universitas Brawijaya.

“Thus, the operation of RSUB has been carried out in accordance with the provisions, including the processing of liquid waste and B3 waste whose license extension was issued in June 2020 so that it is not against the law.

RSUB is built on state-owned land, not land owned by private / individuals / business entities, and not on public facilities / social facilities, “she explained.

Regarding the results of this lawsuit, Andarini will not file a counterclaim. According to her, it is better if RSUB and the people of Malang City can collaborate well with each other.

Meanwhile, Haru Permadi said that this step was an attempt to clearly explain to the public the truth and facts of the law. (Kanal24 / VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)