UB Hospital Provides 341 Sinovac Vaccines for the Health Workers and Employees

Along with the vaccination program at UB Clinic, Universitas Brawijaya Hospital (RSUB) also carries out Covid-19 vaccination program for health workers and their employees. This vaccine program starts on Monday (1/2/2021).

More than 300 vials of Sinovac serum have been provided for health workers and RSUB staff. According to the Public Relations of RSUB, M. Jauhar Evandri, 68 Sinovac vaccines have been provided for injection today. “We took the vaccine last Sunday at Malang City Health Office. 341 vials of this vaccine are not used up in today, ”he explained.

This vaccine, explained Joe, will be implemented twice. For vaccines carried out today and tomorrow, they will be vaccinated again in 14 days. In order to maintain the smooth and regular implementation of vaccines, UB Hospital will provide vaccines according to the queue in the system.

“After registering and receiving an e-ticket, screening will be followed to ensure the recipient’s condition and the vaccine is injected. Followed by the observation of post-immunization effects. If there is no reaction for 30 minutes, then we can continue our activities, ”he explained.

341 recipients of this vaccine have been excluded from RSUB employees who have comorbidities or who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

RSUB has also been anticipating if there are symptoms after vaccination. “If there are symptoms more than 30 minutes or after returning from the hospital, you can go directly to the IGD RSUB for further examination because the vaccine is carried out at UB Hospital”, he concluded. (VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)