Red Meat Producers Research Group Socializes Double Dose Artificial Insemination in Malang Regency

Red Meat Producers Research Group (RG), Faculty of Animal Husbandry Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB) in collaboration with Bank Indonesia Malang representative office wants to form a beef cattle cluster program in Malang Regency.

The goal is to achieve national meat self-sufficiency by strengthening local beef cattle breeding. So that it can increase the population of beef cattle and reduce the number of imports of beef and its processed products.

These efforts were carried out by providing socialization and assistance on management of maintenance, housing, feed, and marketing to the livestock groups in Kecopokan, Senggreng Village, Sumber Pucung District.

On this agenda, Red Meat Producers RG socialized double dose artificial insemination (AI) to Wijikamulyan livestock group, Tuesday (8/6/2021). Professor of Fapet UB and the head of the Red Meat RG team, Prof.Dr.Ir. Trinil Susilawati, MS., IPU., ASEAN Eng explained that one of the efforts to increase productivity and genetic quality of livestock is to do AI.

AI or also called injection mating is a technique of inserting sperm (semen) into the female genital tract using a special tool called an insemination gun.

While the application of double dose AI technology is to use two straws in one process, with a higher number of spermatozoa. So, it can increase the chances of successful pregnancy. However, to optimize the results, the semen used comes from superior males and goes through a quality test process.

Meanwhile, the co-chairman Rizki Prafitri, S.Pt., M.A., Ph.D, said that the activities that will be implemented for 100 cows are aimed at obtaining male calves as feeders for fattening.

“In 2020, the Red Meat Producers RG did the same thing to 53 head of cattle. As a result, the Wijikamulyan farmer group has proven their seriousness by building group cage as a pilot for a good rearing and breeding system,” he said.

The socialization activity was attended by the leadership of Bank Indonesia representatives from Malang and the staff, the Head of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Service and staff, and the Head of Sumber Pucung sub-district and staff. At the end of the event, they visited the group’s cage where the cattle were procured through a People’s Business Credit (KUR) loan from BRI.

They found that the group also developed a fishing business and used their livestock waste to raise worms. Then it is processed into “cascing” fertilizer and fish feed, so that the development of this business is towards zero waste and zero cost. (Nien/dta/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)