Rezki Syarifudin, Healing while Lecturing

Rezki Syarifudin is a student of Musamus University Merauke who is conducting an Independent Student Exchange (PMM) at Universitas Brawijaya. Rezki himself is a Public Administration student at his origin university. For this past month, Rezki has been carrying out his academic activities at Universitas Brawijaya, Malang.

“We were recommended by our Head of Department to choose UB, and coincidentally, Malang city is also famous for its cheap tourist and culinary spots,” he explained.

While in Malang, Rezki, who is a student of Public Administration at his origin campus, chose to cross majors with the subject of Law. Rezki took the Legal Studies course because this course was most closely related to his major.

“We chose a cross-departmental course, namely Legal Studies, because the course in the original department (Public Administration) only provides 1 course, which we turned out to have taken in the previous semester from the origin campus,” he explained.

According to Rezki, the lecture system at UB is not much different from UNMUS. According to him, the only difference is the method of learning. “It’s just that the learning method is different, for UNMUS the way lecturers teach adjusts the level of understanding of their students, while in UB it improves the quality of student learning so that students are more active in understanding the learning,” he said.

Rezki feels that he can still adjust to this city of Malang. “The weather itself is very different. In Malang itself the weather is cold, while in Merauke, even though it is raining, the weather is still hot”, he said

In addition to regular classes, Rezki also takes the Nusantara Module course. “In the Nusantara Module itself, we are taught about the histories of Malang City such as going to several tourist attractions, temples, museums and culinary places in Malang,” he said.

This ModNus activity was also the most memorable experience for Rezki. “At ModNus, we not only know the history of Malang City, but also healing. Every place we visit has a lesson and we can get to know historical places, such as Sumberawan Temple, Brawijaya Museum, and water parks,” he concluded. (nissa/VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)