Responding to Semeru Landslide, UB Sends Disaster Team

Preparations for the departure of UB disaster team to Semeru

Responding to conditions after heavy rain in the Mount Semeru area on Thursday (18/4), Brawijaya University through the Emergency Response Team from the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Student Health Institute of the Faculty of Medicine deployed a disaster team. This team went to the disaster location on early Friday morning (19/ 4) from the Faculty of Medicine to Lumajang.

This volunteer team consists of Riski Nur Fadilah, Nadya Zafira Siregar and Dea Safina Sari from the ERT FIKES team, Naaila Azzahra, ‚Ā†Muhammad Fauzan Rabbani, Rajveer Singh Mann from Lakesma FK, dr. Aurick Yudha Nagara, Sp.EM., KPEC and Mauluddin as ambulance drivers.

According to Riski Nur Fadilah, UB disaster team brought several equipment and medicines. “The equipment brought includes blankets, vests, mats, sleeping bags, gas, raincoats, mattresses. For health needs, diapers in various sizes, mats, blankets,” he explained.

This team also brought medical equipment such as surgical masks, long and medium gauze, NS fluid cup gauze and several types of medicines and multivitamins. “We plan to go to Supiturang 2 Elementary School as an evacuation location, while ensuring whether we can get to the affected area,” he concluded. (VQ/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)