The Rector Inaugurated Dwija Monabrata Pratistha Monument

The Sign of Inaugurated Inscription of Nuurusy-Syifa’ Mosque

The Rector of Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani, A.R., M.S., together with the dean of FK, Dr. dr. Wisnu Barlianto, SpA,(K), M.Si, Med. inaugurated the Dwija Monabrata Pratistha monument, Friday (7/1/2021). The monument was built to pay respect to the corpse that was used as a cadaver for FK students.

“A doctor must know the real anatomy of the human body since it cannot be learnt by books only,” said dr. Vishnu Barlianto

Dr. Vishnu added, Dwija Monabrata Pratistha means Teacher Who Lives Silently.

“So, even though they are corpses, they have given knowledge to FK students so we call them teachers who live in silence,” he said.

The location of the monument is in UB Cemetery Complex

Dwija Monabrata Pratistha Monument is placed in UB cemetery complex, Karang Ploso, Malang Regency. In addition to the monument, the bodies that have been used are buried at the location.

“The cadaver is not trash or anything. It is a corpse so we carry out the process according to their religion. We bury them in UB cemetery complex,” he said.

In addition to Dwija Monabrata Pratistha Monument, the Rector and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine also inaugurated Nuurusy-Syifa Mosque and the Research Innovation Room for Public Service And Publication Information (RIIPI) as well as the Lab and Department of Physiology.

” Nuurusy-Syifa’ means healing light. We hope that FK graduates can become health workers in helping patients healing. In addition, it is hoped that through the construction of this mosque the FK academic community will always not only be physically healthy but also spiritually, “said dr. Vishnu.

In line with the Dean of FK, the Rector added that the mosque is not only a place of worship but also develops knowledge related to religion.

“Hopefully, with the inauguration of the mosque in collaboration with the inauguration of the lab, the interests of religion and science can be combined so that it can become very good,” he said. (Oky/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).