Rector Formed Aceh Caring Team

The National Aceh Disaster Care Team was being formed at Universitas Brawijaya. The team was being formed based on letter of assignment number 3168/J10/TU/2004, and commissioned to coordinate fund raising for Aceh disaster, pick up and collecting fund from the sivitas academics, either in cutting salaries for lecturers and administrative staff; university, faculty, institution leaders and also alumni. The team also served to disbursing funds and/or stuff to the Aceh communities and report this to the Rector.

The team was composed of Vice Rector II as the chairperson, Vice Rector III as vice chairman, Head of Public Relations Officer as secretary, Head of Public Administrative Bureau and Finance as treasurer and also membered of Vice Dean II and III from 10 faculties, Assistant Director II of Postgraduate Program, Executive Student and Faculty and also Student Representative Council.

In addition to forming a team, Rector also urge entirely the family of Universitas Brawijaya to help the disaster victim in Aceh by collecting fund, which the arrangement poured into form letter number 3167/J10/TU/2004 dated December 29, 2004. The funds collected from the institution, as well as lecturer and administrative staff, and also students. From the university/faculty/postgraduate program/institution, 30 million rupiahs have collected from university, 4 faculties (FE, FIA, FT and FK) of each 10 million rupiahs, while from FH, FMIPA, FPIK, FPt, FP and postgraduate program, of each 7.5 million rupiahs, from institution of each 5 million rupiahs. Of the university board directors started from 250 thousand rupiahs until 1 million rupiahs; from the faculty leaders started from 100 thousand rupiahs until 500 thousand rupiahs, from head of institution and Director of Postgraduate Program of each 500 thousand rupiahs.

From lecturer and administrative staff, donation is collected with cutting salary in January 2005, amounting 2500 rupiahs for Golongan I, 5000 rupiahs for Golongan II, 10000 rupiahs for Golongan III and 25000 rupiahs for Golongan IV. While from student, collected funds amounting 1000 rupiahs of each charged in the time of re-enrollment in February 2005. All the funds put into UB Rector’s account at BNI branch Universitas Brawijaya with account number 253.000851003.901. This effort is targeted to be able to collect fund around 100-200 million rupiahs. According to the plan, donation that collected will be disbursed immediately through distributor agency in Malang, tomorrow, Tuesday (4/1).

Information obtained from Vice Dean II dr. Samsul Islam, SpMK MARS, Faculty of Medicine still forming a team of volunteers consisting of 20 medics, either doctor, nurse, or medical students from study program of medicine, nursing, or nutrition, to be fully deployed to Aceh. Registration been opened since Friday (31/12) and lasted until Thursday (6/1).

In the meantime, four doctor volunteers of Medical Faculty, Friday (31/12) departed to Aceh to help post disaster handling. They were dr. Nico Sukmawan, dr. Jajang Juanidi, dr. Rian Hermana, and dr. Arifandi who join with MER-C team branch Malang which was in collaboration with Ponpes Hidayatullah Surabaya. In the field, the team will join with other MER-C teams. [translated by denok]


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