Celebrating Santri Day, FISIP Community Campaigns to Use Environmentally Friendly Environment  

FISIP UB academic community celebrating National Santri Day while campaigning for the use of environmentally friendly vehicles on campus, Monday (23/10/2023).

In addition to the campaign to use environmentally friendly vehicles on Brawijaya University campus, FISIP also held a National Santri Day ceremony.

This campaign also supports FISIP Brawijaya University in implementing a form of jihad for the glory of the country, as is the theme for this year’s Santri Day celebration.

“I think the theme of today’s santri day is jihad for the glory of the country applies to good things in general, including environmentally friendly efforts and saving fuel, so that we don’t depend on fuel,” said Prof. Rachmat Kriyantono S.Sos., M.Si., Ph.D, Chair of the Takmir of Ibnu Khaldun Mosque FISIP UB, Monday (23/10/2023).

Moreover, on the occasion of Santri Day in 2023, Rachmat Kriyantono also mentioned that efforts to use environmentally friendly vehicles should also be socialized among other community members.

“I think this outreach effort is part of the jihad for the glory of the country as the theme of this year’s santri day itself,” added Prof. Rachmat Kriyantono on the same occasion.

The man who is also the Head of UB Communication Sciences Department hopes that the commemoration of National Santri Day 2023 will be a momentum to welcome a united political year.

“The important thing is that we are in a political year, upholding community, creating harmony and not dividing. Respect each other’s choices. Those who lose can accept and those who win can embrace. “I think this is the spirit of santri day that must be expressed so that we are not divided,” stressed Rachmat Kriyantono.

On the agenda for celebrating National Santri Day 2023, a ceremony was also held on Monday morning which was attended by dozens of lecturers, education staff and students of FISIP Brawijaya University. (*/FISIP PR/OKY/UB PR/ trans. Iir)