Hundred Universities Enliven the 2021  KMI Expo XII

UB Rector while Visiting One of the Booths in the Rectorate Yard

As many as 251 universities in Indonesia participated in Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship Competition (KMI) Expo XII 2021 which was held for three days (17/11-19/11/2021). KMI Expo aims at showing student products that are ready to be marketed both online and virtual at the booths that have been provided.

The 251 universities that participated in the event were divided into two parts consisting of 92 attending offline and the remaining 159 universities attending virtual or online.

Vice Rector III for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Drs. Abdul Hakim, M.Si. explained that KMI Expo XII 2021 is the main event of Indonesian Student Entrepreneurial Activities (KBMI) and Indonesian Student Startup Acceleration (ASMI) which includes KMI Award, Non-KBMI Competition, Product Exhibition and Bazaar, Start Up Summit Competition, and PWMI Award.

KMI Award is a competition specially organized for participants of Indonesian Student Entrepreneurial Activity (KBMI) program in the categories of food and beverage, services and trade, creative industry, production/cultivation, and applied technology.

Non-KBMI Competition is a competition that is specially organized for participants who do not accept the KBMI program.

At exhibitions and product bazaars, participants who take part in KMI Expo XII 2021 will hold exhibitions and product bazaars that are generated from the participants’ business ideas.

UB Rector with the Director of Belmawa, Prof. Dr. Aris Junaidi



The Start Up Summit competition is a money competition that held specifically for start-ups of Indonesian Student Startup Acceleration (ASMI) 2021 program that passed the second stage of assessment and was funded.

Meanwhile, PWMI Award is an award for the best university assistants and is specially organized for higher education members of the Indonesian Student Entrepreneurial Assistance (PWMI) member.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of the activity, drh. Analis Wisnuwardhana, M.BioMed added that in KMI activities, participants can also take part in cafe competitions, Entrepreneurship tiktok competitions, international student entrepreneurship which consist of three categories, namely posters, essays and business case competitions.

“In the business case competition, there is one companies are invited to cooperate then the cases that are there are shared to the participants. And participants were asked to solve the cases based on the problems faced by the company. In the business case competition, the judges are the companies themselves,” he said.

In the KMI awarding, the first, second, third and first place winners will be chosen. The total prize in the form of cash provided is IDR 700 million.

Analis hope that through KMI Expo XII 2021 with the theme “Collaboration and Synergy” it is expected that it will create a space for interaction, collaboration, and innovation in order to create an entrepreneurial harmony that is innovative, competitive, dynamic, and continues to grow. (OKY/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).