The Peak of Lustrum XII, UB Held Open Meeting and Scientific Oration

As the climax of the commemoration of Lustrum XII and 60th Anniversary, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held an Open Meeting and Scientific Oration, Thursday (05/01/2023). This activity was held at Samantha Krida building and GOR Pertamina, and was attended by 5,000 lecturers, education staff and students.

The Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, M.A.P, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees (MWA) UB, was present to give a speech and scientific oration.

He conveyed that the priorities for Indonesia’s human resource development in 2023 were reducing the poverty rate, reducing the prevalence of stunting, and revitalizing vocational training.

“I hope that UB can take part in the success of this HR priority program,” said Muhadjir.

Through the Vocational Faculty and various skills provided by UB, Muhadjir hopes that UB can play a more intensive role in efforts to advance education.

“With the Independent Learning Independent Campus, we hope that students will be given choices so they can become reliable workforces and ready to enter the world of work,” he said.

Through the big theme of Lustrum XII UB “Green Paradigm and Innovative Action for Sustainable Prosperity”, Muhadjir said the green paradigm is described as a coordinated and integrated effort, and inclusive in every aspect of development by considering not only economic value but also environmental costs and social impacts. Therefore, development programs are currently being prepared by taking into account economic benefits, social harmony and environmental sustainability.

“Congratulations to UB with this big theme for being involved in thinking, initiating, and building a green economy, starting with a green campus. Green Campus is not only physically, but also contains an all-green curriculum, vision and mission in the sense of approaching a green economy,” he said.

Meanwhile, UB Rector Prof. Widodo, S.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.Med.Sc presented UB’s Performance Report for 2022. He reported, of the 8 Key Performance Indicators, most of them had exceeded the target by 800 percent with an average achievement of 232 percent . Likewise, the SAKIP Value and Budget Performance Value have exceeded the target. And UB student graduates in 2022 won an average GPA of 3.48, an increase from the previous year, which was 3.43.

“UB’s position in the international arena has a significant increase in six main indicators. UB also won superior accreditation from BAN PT for the next four years,” said the Rector.

Study programs with A/Excellent accreditation also experienced a 72 percent increase. Likewise, international accreditation/certification shows a very significant increase from 2021 to 2022 reaching 220 percent.

“Financial management performance reports have always been Unqualified since 2009. And according to the Global Reporting Initiative criteria which were then accessed by the National Center for Sustainability Reporting that UB is included in the Gold category in SDGs reporting,” he explained.

UB was also declared as an informative university in the Public Information Openness Award for four consecutive years. The number of UB professors has increased with 30 new professors in 2022.



“Thank you for the hard work of all of you for the progress of UB,” concluded the Rector


Head of Lustrum XII and UB’s 60th Anniversary, Prof. Dr. Unti Ludigdo, SR., M.Sc., AK explained, the theme of Green Paradigm and Innovative Action for Sustainable Prosperity is one of the manifestations of UB’s vision to become a pioneer and reformer in various cultural-based matters.

Various series of activities have been carried out, including Brawijaya International Conference which besides being held on UB campus, is also held in Bali, and online, Brawijaya International Conference which is held by the Forum of Vice Deans for Academic Affairs, Brawijaya International Conference 3 series by the professors council, International Conference Applied Science Vocational Education, as well as the International Student Conference on Creative Industry which was attended by many domestic and foreign participants.

“In the field of Community Service, a Healthy Campus is also carried out with mass screening of UB big family, gymnastic competitions as an expression of maintaining the health of our campus residents, and Tetenger Bumi or planting rare plants that can absorb water in Kepanjen campus and the water catchment area in Srimulyo village, Dampit Malang Regency,” explained Unti.

Besides, there is also a Green Campus implementation competition between UB Faculties, Brawijaya Reciting and Remembrancing centered at MRP, various football, table tennis and badminton sports competitions, then health walks and concerts, as well as the Tracking of Raden Wijaya.

The Senate Open Meeting was attended by Coordinating Secretary for PMK Yohanes Baptista Satya, Secretary General of the PUPR Ministry Ir. Muhammad Zainal Fatah, Representative of East Java Governor, Representative of the Mayor of Malang, Vice Regent of Malang, Members of UB’s Board of Trustees and SAU, Cross Generations of UB Rector, Director of Industrial Partners. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]