The Peak of FEB Anniversary, Improving Digital Experience

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) celebrates the Peak of its Anniversary, Monday (12/27/2021) in the Basement of E Building. The Dean of FEB, Abdul Ghofar, SE, MSi, DBA Ak said that the faculty added access to Digital Experience this year to improve national and international reputation. FEB has provided 59 online learning modules that are ready to be used for hybrid learning.

In addition, FEB subscribes to several big data applications that can be used by academics. Several applications that are subscribed to are Mapid (Indonesian start-up),, Tableau and Envivo. On the occasion, the use of mapid was also demonstrated in the Big Data Laboratory located on the 5th floor of E Building, which was guided by the Chairperson of FEB Anniversary, Dias Satria, SE MApp Ec PhD.

Dias said that this year’s Anniversary, FEB UB responds to changes in the world that are experiencing digital acceleration. FEB UB takes a role by holding a boot camp on data analysis including business intelligence, big data, robotic process automation to data visualization training with Tableau.

The inauguration of Big Data Laboratory and Podcast Studio today also responds to digital acceleration. Dias explained, this laboratory has access to data from international Reuters which is then developed into a surveillance data dashboard on the Indonesian economic and financial system. The hope is that it will become a reference for stakeholders to make data-based decisions. [siti rahma/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]