Dozens of UB Employees Conduct COVID-19 Screening through UBreath

Dozens of employees and visitors of head office conduct COVID-19 screening before entering the main office building of Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Monday (14/2/2022).

COVID-19 screening is carried out through a tool called UBreath, an innovation by Prof. Drs. Arinto Yudi Ponco Wardoyo, M.Sc., Ph.D.

The Staff Insert Plastic that Already Filled with Air into the Detecting Machine

UBreath works by detecting metabolic products from the respiratory and digestive systems.

The measurement results of these parameters are then analyzed using artificial intelligence to identify the conditions of the respiratory system and digestive system.

Vice Rector, Prof. Drs. Gugus Irianto, MSA., Ph.D., Ak., said the COVID-19 screening activity today is one of the activities in responding the surge in COVID-19 cases in Malang Raya and throughout Indonesia, especially in UB.

“Because in UB, there is a tendency to increase COVID-19 cases from lecturers or students. Seeing that, we coordinated with the task force team led by Prof. Andarini to break the chain of the spread of COVID-19,” he said.

Prof. Gugus

Prof. Gugus added that the COVID-19 screening with UBreath has many goals. Screening using UBreath is an early detection of COVID-19 virus that infects the human body.

“The results of UBreath can be issued in less than three minutes. This is our effort to make them who entering the head office building more calm and safe. The point is we take precautions early on,” he said.

UB has also carried out early prevention to the spread of COVID-19 cases by replacing Hbyrid learning lectures with full online ones, producing hand sanitizers, and preparing an integrated isolation place for UB academic community at Runusnawa Dieng.

Prof. Gugus hopes that through prevention efforts carried out by UB, it can minimize the spread of COVID-19 cases in UB.

“Don’t let UB residents who are sick is undetected. On the other hand, if it is detected, it can be handled immediately,” he said.

In the future, this former Dean of FEB hopes that the implementation of UBreath is not only in the head office but also in all faculties in UB,” he said. (OKY/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).