Ramadhan Fasting as an Evaluation for Every Moslem

Prof. Dr. Munawar Ismail, SE., DEA when delivered his speech in Eid el Fitr shalah 1438 H“Whether fasting which is a reflection of the strength of the body already illuminated by spiritual power?” it was a question proposed by Prof. Dr. Munawar Ismail, SE., DEA as Khatib towards Eid el Fitr 1438 H organized in Rectorate Square, Sunday (25/Jun/2017).

Prof. Munawar invited Jama’ah to contemplate that fasting is merely for Allah SWT, and so the intention is sincere and the deeds are appropriate with sharia. This is a physical force illuminated by spiritual power. In contrary, there are ones who have fasting but their intentions are not due to Allah SWT, for example because of embarrassment to parents in-law or embarrassment to friends in the office. This is a case where the physic is not being illuminated by spiritual power.

Fasting in Ramadhan is a very efficient and effective instrument for practice so that human heart always connected to spiritual power. Since, fasting is a worship only known by Allah and the people-in-question. Others, including the nearest persons are difficult to be able to prove whether ones cancel their fasting or not, according to the Head of LP3 UB.

Evaluation on fasting is important to be a provision in life after Ramadhan, and so gaining a better life. The evaluation is also important to improve the sunnah fasting when we have opportunity to do this prior next Ramadhan. [Dimas/Humas UB/trans. Denok]