Dean of Fapet Promotes Sumber Sekar Lodging through Alumni Gathering

The field laboratory of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB) which is located in Sumbersekar Village, Dau District – Malang Regency is one of the supporting facilities for lecturer and student practicum activities. In the laboratory there are cattle, goats, sheep, broiler chickens, closed house for laying hens, a glass house for forage plants, and a livestock reproduction laboratory.

In addition, there is a two-story office equipped with a receptionist, a spacious laboratory head room, a living room, a meeting room, a milk processing room, a prayer room, lodging rooms, and toilets. There are eight rooms on the second floor, with details of four double bed rooms and four bunk beds. The accommodation is usually used for student exchange students, visiting guests, and practicum students.

But since the pandemic, this inn has been deserted from visitors. As a step to revive the inn there, Prof. Suyadi as the Dean of Fapet UB works around this by promoting his class mates. So that the 1981 reunion was held at the Sumber Sekar field laboratory, Saturday-Sunday (23-24/7/2022).

Alhamdulillah, now our beloved faculty is experiencing extraordinary progress, both in terms of building construction and curriculum.” said Suyadi when giving a speech

“The inn that you are staying at tonight is one of the facilities owned by Fapet UB. I hope that those who have a partner of younger or seniors can inform about this inn to their respective class friends. Because this facility also belongs to us as part of the big family of Fapet UB.” he continued

The reunion with the theme “Lumpuk Henam di Ngalam” was attended by approximately 30 people from various regions. Most of them stay at Sumber Sekar inn as well as reminisce about being a student.

One of the participants, Prof. Trinil Susilawati who is also a professor at Fapet UB, said that this reunion is to strengthen the relationship, reunion, and have fun releasing fatigue.

“One of the secrets of longevity is having fun by releasing stress for a while. I hope friends can enjoy tonight’s event without any burdens,” he said (dta/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)