National and International Book Grants Program

Directorate of Innovation and Business Incubator (DI2B) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a Briefing for Reviewers of the 2023 National and International Book Grant Program, Friday (9/6/2023) at the Swiss Bell In Hotel Malang.

Director of DI2B Mohammad Iqbal SSos, MIB, DBA said that UB is currently carrying out a mandate to improve various KPI achievements and rankings both nationally and internationally. One way to stimulate the movement and achieve the above is by launching national and international book grant programs.

There were 432 proposals for compiling national books that entered through SIPP. This shows the great interest of UB community in compiling and launching various kinds of books. This will really help increase KPI and Ranking.

For international books, around 30 proposals have been submitted through SIPP. Even though it is still relatively small, this is a good start to be able to move towards a better direction.

As an effort to filter out the various proposals that came in, 74 prospective reviewers were presented at this activity. The details are 45 national book reviewers and 29 international book reviewers.

“Based on the number of proposals submitted, it shows the great interest and enthusiasm of UB academic community to write and compile various kinds of books, both national and international. This is a good start to be able to improve the quality of UB in the future. Simultaneously, it is also able to increase UB’s ranking and image both nationally and internationally,” said Iqbal. (PON/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).