Prof. M. Halim Natsir Officially Becomes the Dean of Fapet UB for the 2023 – 2028 Period

The Handover of Faculty Development Book as the Symbol of Dean’s Handover

The tenure of Prof. Suyadi as Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB) for the 2019 – 2023 period has ended. Based on the decision of the Board of Trustees to appoint Prof. M. Halim Natsir as the Dean of Faculty of Animal Husbandry UB for the 2023-2028 period. The inauguration procession was carried out at Samanta Krida building by the Rector, Monday (6/2/2023).

The activity carried out by handing over the dean’s position that was marked by handing over the faculty profile development book and position memory. In the two books, the achievements of the development of Faculty of Animal Husbandry in the last eight years are summarized, such as the achievement of national accreditation by BAN PT with excellent predicates for Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral Study Programs, as well as the International Accreditation of AUN QA and ASIIN, increasing collaboration with both companies and universities from domestic and foreign, as well as optimizing the use of information and learning systems using smart classes.

Taking place in the auditorium in the 8th floor of V Building, the event invited all lecturers and staff, student representatives and stakeholders. In his remarks, Prof. Halim said the dean is a servant of the academic community who is responsible for the needs of lecturers, students, employees and stakeholders.

“The burden of being a dean will be heavy if you do it alone, so good cooperation is needed from the entire academic community. If later in carrying out the mandate as Dean there is a mistake, please remind me and give a warning,” he continued

the invited guests congratulated the Dean of Faculty of Animal Husbandry for the 2023 – 2028 period

The bespectacled man was born in Gresik 52 years ago. He has served as chairman of the Management Information System and Public Relations in 2013-2015, then was appointed as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs for the period of 2015-2023. (dta/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)