Prof. Ir. Soemarjo Passed Away, UB Lost A Professor of Plant Breeding

Academics civitas of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Grieve. The only one Professor on Plant Breeding he has, Prof. Ir. Soemarjo Poespodarsono, M.Agr.Sc, Wednesday evening passed away in his residence Jl. Watu Gong 36. A professor who is familiar with his students live UB forever since disease complication he suffered till recent. Former Agriculture Dean periods of 1982-1985, before buried in public funeral of Kasin, Malang, firstly staying at rectorate building. He got the las tribute from the academics civitas of UB.

Rector UB Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Guritno mentioned, Soemarjo is a teacher and educator who has soul of devotion. “Although he has been in a severe pain, he remained to teach his students,” Bambang said. According to him, great determination owned by Soemarjo to educate his students to becoming smart and have the manners required thumbs up. “Just imagine, each week he has hemodialisis at least two times yet he still finish his duty,” he remembered. Therefore, Bambang explained, UB deeply lost an educator with soul of devotion. Moreover Soemarjo is the only one professor n plant breeding owned by UB recently. “We deeply lost,” he explained.

Soemarjo left a wife Sri Pratiwi and three sons. Namely Arundi Kriptanto, Boni Jianto and Christian Sanarto. A man born in Jember, 10 May 1938, is a real product of UB. Soemarjo finished his study in Faculty of Agriculture UB in 1968. He pursued magister program at University of Adelaide afterwards. And in 1998, Soemarjo reached his professor title in plant breeding. [translated by denok]