Prof. Dr. Ir. Endah Rahayu Lestari, M.S is Inaugurated as the Professor in the Field of Agricultural Industrial Management  

Prof. Dr. Ir. Endah Rahayu Lestari, M.S

Prof. Dr. Ir. Endah Rahayu Lestari, M.S was inaugurated on Tuesday (16/1/2024), at the Samantha Krida Building, Brawijaya University (UB). Shr is the 27th active Professor at the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) and the 204th at UB, and is the 365th Professor of all Professors produced by UB.

Prof. Endah was confirmed as a professor in the field of Agricultural Industrial Management at the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. She designed the Integrated Greener Strategy Model to Achieve Sustainable Performance with Green Innovation.

Industrialization has encouraged various environmental problems to develop rapidly in society. High growth rates play a major role in environmental damage since the manufacturing process uses raw materials that are not environmentally friendly, excessive use of resources, inefficient processing processes, equipment that is not environmentally friendly, and industrial waste products have not been managed optimally.

Many researchers have studied the factors behind environmentally friendly innovation and their impact on company performance. However, previous studies are generally still fragmented, making it difficult to understand in their entirety. For example, it only discusses how customer awareness influences demand for green products, company concern for the environment, compliance with government regulations, ethical issues, stakeholder pressure, and technology availability.

Based on the results of the previous study above, Prof. Endah developed a research design for a conceptual model of green innovation by comprehensively integrating both internal and external factors that contribute as determinants of green innovation performance and their implications for sustainable performance.

Green innovation has many benefits, namely strengthening the company’s core competencies, gaining legitimacy, using resources efficiently, increasing the company’s reputation, improving community welfare, and increasing the company’s social responsibility towards the environment. However, this model was only created in the food industry, so it is important to carry out investigations in other sectors. In addition, it is necessary to explore the determinants of green innovation other than those described above. [Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]