Emergency Medicine Specialist Study Program Provides CPR and AED Training to Junior High School Students

In order to empower the community for the initial handling of cases of sudden cardiac arrest outside the hospital (out-of-hospital cardiac arrest/OHCA), the Emergency Medicine Specialist Doctor Education Study Program team, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya (FKUB), carried out a series of community service activities (community service) entitled School CPR & AED which is centered at SMP Negeri 1 Wagir Malang Regency, Thursday (3/8/2023). This activity also involved a number of trained nurses who joined as a team of instructors, who came from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya and Malang Muhammadiyah Hospital.

Head of the Prehospital Emergency Care Division for Specialist Doctor Education Study Program (PS PDS) Emergency Medicine dr. Ali Haedar, Sp.EM, KPEC, FAHA, said the purpose of this activity was to provide knowledge and skills to school students to take three steps of first aid before ambulance health workers arrived to provide further assistance to patients with sudden cardiac arrest. The first is to recognize the occurrence of cardiac arrest and immediately ask for help to call ambulance 119 and ask someone to take an automated external defibrillator (AED), the second is to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for lay people with hands only techniques CPR, and the third is giving an electric shock to the heart with an AED when available.

Chief Executive of Community Service Dr. Aurick Yudha Nagara, Sp.EM, KPEC said community empowerment is an effort or process to raise awareness, ability and willingness of the community to recognize, overcome, maintain, protect and improve welfare.

This strategy is precisely aimed at the primary target to participate actively in developing public health through community participation.

“We chose Malang Regency because based on data for 2021, Malang Regency has an area of 3,530.65 km2 with a population of 2,654,448 people. And Wagir is one of the sub-districts in Malang Regency with an area of 2.53% of the area of Malang Regency, the distance to Malang City can be reached about 15 km, with a total of 12 villages, and a population of 90,390 with a population growth rate of 0.62 %, and a population density of 1198.32 per km2,” said doctor Auryck.

The lay CPR & AED program for this community was initiated by dr. Haedar with the team since 2012, and has expanded to various regions in Indonesia, one of which is Mataram City, Lombok – NTB.

They think that if more and more ordinary people are able and willing to do CPR and use AEDs, then it will definitely have an impact on increasing the survival rate of patients with cardiac arrest in Indonesia.

“Therefore, activities like this should be carried out on an ongoing basis, continuously, for all people and ages, and with a wide scope so that all generations of Indonesians in the future have the knowledge and ability to perform CPR and use AEDs for patients with sudden cardiac arrest outside the hospital. We also hope that this competency will be included in the compulsory curriculum in schools,” said dr. Haedar. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)