Information and Technology Education Study Program of FILKOM Receives Excellent Accreditation from LAMDIK

One of the Study Programs at FILKOM again received the title of “Excellent”. This time the Information Technology Education Study Program (PTI Study Program) received excellent accreditation from LAMDIK. LAMDIK itself is an Independent Education Accreditation Institution whose task is to carry out the Accreditation process for Study Programs (PS) in the Field of Education in Indonesia.

The accreditation obtained by the PTI Study Program is a conversion from the AQAS International Accreditation which was obtained last December so that the PTI Study Program received excellent accreditation from LAMDIK. This achievement is the result of the collaborative efforts and dedication of various parties, including lecturers, education staff, students, and other related parties who are actively involved in developing and improving the quality of education in the PTI Study Program. The success of achieving superior accreditation indicates that this study program has met and even exceeded the quality standards set by LAMDIK.

This recognition from LAMDIK will have a positive impact on PTI Study Program. In addition to increase public confidence in the quality of education in this study program, the accreditation obtained will also open opportunities for wider collaboration with industry and other institutions, as well as increase the attractiveness of prospective students who wish to pursue a career in education or become a teacher. This LAMDIK accreditation is valid from 4 August 2023 to 3 August 2028. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).