UB Pharmacy Study Program Held International Summer School Pharmacy Program (ISSPUB)

UB Pharmacy Study Program Held International Summer School Pharmacy Program (ISSPUB)

A total of 11 students of Pharmacy program took part in the International Summer School Pharmacy UB (ISSPUB) program with the theme “Degenerative Chronic Disease in the Clinical and Community Health” by the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya. The activity took place on Monday, (24/06/2024) in the GPB Senate Room, 9th Floor, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya and the activity was opened by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Saifur Rohman, Sp.JP(K), Ph.D.

This ISSPUB program will be held from June 24 to July 15 2024.

Head of Undergraduate Pharmacy Study Program, Uswatun Khasanah, S.Farm., M.Farm., Apt, explained that ISSP is a short course program held by the Department of Pharmacy. “We invited several participants from abroad, especially undergraduate students from the pharmacy faculty, to take part in this activity,” said Uswatun.

This year is the second year of holding the ISSPUB. In this second year, the topic raised was internship in health facilities in Malang, namely in community health centers, pharmacies and hospitals.

ISSPUB participants consisted of 11 students from outside Universitas Brawijaya. Seven of them came from abroad, namely from the University of Puthisastra, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and Syah Kuala University. The rest came from UIN Malang, Jember University, Surabaya University and Airlangga University.

“The aim of this activity is to promote UB FK Pharmacy to institutions abroad, meet the UB Faculty of Medicine’s student inbound achievement targets, and provide international interaction experience for pharmacy students,” added Uswatun.

The output of this activity is to introduce UB to the international stage and enrich the learning experience of pharmacy students. The difference between this year’s ISSPUB and previous years is that the duration of the program has been extended to three weeks, with one week of internship in pharmacies, health centers and hospitals.

Moreover, in early May 2024, FK UB Pharmacy sent nine students to Sabah Malaysia, to take part in a series of Student Outbound activities, for two weeks to carry out community service and interprofessional education, involving several health workers. (wdd/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)

Opening by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Head of the FK UB Undergraduate Pharmacy Study Program
Participants of UB International Summer School Pharmacy Program (ISSPUB)