PRECONCY Raih Penghargaan Internasional

PRECONCY, a website that becomes a forum for preserving local knowledge of Kampung Kayu Tangan, won the Bronze Medal at the 2020 World Invention and Technology Expo (WINTEX) Paper Competition.

The leader of the team, Aminaturrokhiyah (Library Science) explained that PRECONCY is a website that becomes a forum for preserving local knowledge about the Kayu Tangan area so that the village identity is not eroded by era.

The website aims at managing and preserving knowledge, also increasing youth interest in preserving culture.

“The background behind the creation of PRECONCY is because many young people are not interested in the history of Kayu Tangan Heritage Village in Malang,” she said.

In addition to containing the history of Kayu Tangan, PRECONCY is also a place of branding the local community enterprises of Kayu Tangan so that it is hoped that it can improve the standard of living of the Kayu Tangan Village community.

“This is a form of SDGs implementation point 8 and point 11, wich are Good Job and Economy also Sustainable Cities and Communities,” she said.

World Invention and Technology Expo (WINTEX) is an international competition that carries out innovation-based research in various fields.

WINTEX which was held in 2020 carries the theme Ideas Meet People which is held online and is attended by various students and individual researchers with a minimum age of 18 from various countries around the world, such as Indonesia as the host, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, United States, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Sweden.

“The point of this innovation is that we create a knowledge management concept that is more structured and packaged in technology in accordance with the current 4.0 era,” she said. (OD / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).