Plester to Treat Thrush Made from Morel Berry Leaves

Morel Berry, Documentation: istimewa

Patients who experience thrush will feel very painful when touched while swallowing, talking, and eating.

Treatment of thrush is done by eliminating local factors using antiseptic mouthwash and topical corticosteroids.

However, long-term use of the drug causes tooth discoloration.

Corticosteroid drugs can change the condition of the normal flora in the oral cavity so that it can cause oral candidiasis.

Treatment of thrush can be avoided by making medicines from herbal ingredients that have minimal side effects.

Morel berry (Physalis angulata L.) is a wild herbal plant from Solanaceae family that is often found, but until now it has not been widely used as a treatment for dental and oral diseases.

Morel berry leaf extract (Physalis angulata L.) has a high total flavonoid and total phenolic content.

Flavonoids are phenolic compounds that act as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and accelerate the proliferative phase of wound healing.

Morel berry leaf extract is one solution to solve this problem with its high flavonoid content.

The extract is packaged in the form of modern medicine, namely Mucoadhesive Patch or Plaster to increase the effectiveness of healing the disease.

Robah Basatha (FKG 2018), Hayunanda Fadhila (FKG 2019), Cherina Chyntia (FKG 2019), Aura Alya (FKG 2019), and Nurul Lail (FKG 2019), who was accompanied by drg. Astika Swastirani, M.Si as the supervisor hopes that with this discovery and breakthrough, the prevalence of thrush among the community can decrease and create good oral and dental health in the community. (HYU/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).