PLD Receives UI Group for Benchmarking

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) received a visit from the University of Indonesia (UI) in the context of Benchmarking to pioneer a Disability Service Center, Friday (10/11/2023) in the Senate Room, 2nd floor of UB Rectorate Building.

UI representatives who attended the comparative study event were UI Director of Student Affairs, Badrul Munir, Ph.D, UI Facilities Operation and Maintenance Director, Dwi Marta Nurjaya, Head of UPT UI Library, Mariyah, Head of UPT Satellite Clinic, Dr. Dhanasari V, Head of Student Welfare Sub-Directorate, Achmad Solechan, M. Si, Franciscus Asisi Triatmoko as Head of the sub-directorate for improving academic reputation and 4 representatives from BEM UI.

UI delegation was received directly by Rosihan Asmara as Director of UB Administration and Academic Services Directorate, and Zubaidah Ningsih as Head of UB SLD.

In this meeting, Zubaidah Ningsih as the head of SLD UB gave a presentation regarding the history of the journey of SLD UB, starting from the initial formation of SLD at UB to services were provided by SLD UB to students with disabilities at UB.

This also includes how to implement service policies for students with disabilities at UB while studying and even until graduation. This experience is meaningful for UI which will pilot a disability services unit as part of its academic services to students.

Furthermore, during the meeting, representatives from UI also appreciated the services provided by UB, which for more than a decade has not only accepted, but also served students with disabilities since they were new students until after graduation.

Brawijaya University (UB), through SLD UB, is considered to have succeeded in creating an organizational structure that is structurally established, in addition to having experience in providing services to students with disabilities at UB.

“In my opinion, UB is very inclusive, especially with the existence of SLD. UB also has long experience in serving students with disabilities,” said Munir in the discussion session.

Through this comparative study, Badrul Munir hopes to establish a disability service center and create an inclusive campus for students with disabilities, not only in terms of services but also creating a friendly social climate for people with disabilities. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).