Cooperation Agreement between UPT UB Library and UPT UNESA Central Library

The UPT of Universitas Brawijaya Library made a return visit to the UPT of Central Library of the State University of Surabaya (UNESA Central Library). This visit was for the signing of the PKS (Cooperation Agreement) manuscript, (22/7/2022). The group of UPT Library of Universitas Brawijaya is led by the Coordinator for Development, Cooperation and Business: Dra. Widia Permana, S.Sos, M.AB.

The group of UPT Universitas Brawijaya Library was received directly by the Head of UPT Central Library of UNESA, Drs. Suroto, M.A., Ph.D. Before signing the cooperation agreement, a light discussion was held to discuss what would be done as a manifestation of this collaboration. The most important thing is that it is hoped that there will be a joint scientific work which is the embodiment of one of the forms of cooperation between UPT UB Library and UPT Central Library UNESA.

After the signing of cooperation agreement, it was continued with a library tour at UPT Central Library of UNESA. The Library Tour includes service rooms such as Circulation Room, Audio Visual, Scientific Work Collection and print collection room and reading room.

With this Cooperation Agreement, it will further expand the network or networking among university libraries so that they can share knowledge, information, library management and improve the implementation of the tri dharma of higher education. It is hoped that in the future the library will grow and be able to improve its services to all users. (IHW/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)