The Big Family of FILKOM  Warmly Welcomes the Arrival of New Students Batch 2023

The Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Brawijaya (FILKOM UB) welcomes around 903 new students from all over the country in the 2023/2024 Academic Year. This reception was carried out at the 2023 FILKOM UB New Student in the Introduction to Campus Life (PKKMB) which was held directly in the Algorithmic Auditorium building for 2 days (19 and 20 August 2023). This PKKMB activity was carried out with the aim of providing information and helping new students to know more and be able to experience the campus environment directly.

PKKMB is one of the events that new students look forward every year. This event not only provides important information about campus life, but also becomes a place to establish social relations and feel the warm and friendly campus atmosphere.

The first day of PKKMB FILKOM 2023 was divided into two major sessions, namely the opening and inauguration by the Dean of FILKOM UB, Prof. Ir. Wayan Firdaus Mahmudy, S.Si., M.T., Ph.D. as well as the provision of material by the leadership of the Dean. The first speech was delivered by Muhammad Zidan Fikri as President of BEM FILKOM, then continued by Dehleezto Lawanangkara as Coordinator of DPM FILKOM.

Prof. Wayan opening the 2023 PKKMB

Prof. Wayan warmly welcomed the arrival of new students at the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Brawijaya. He also invited the new students to jointly build FILKOM UB to be better in the future.

“We are the faculty of the future, many fields of knowledge are tied to computer science, and FILKOM UB is known as a place where creativity and innovation develop. We hope that new students can develop their potential here and contribute in raising the good name of FILKOM UB,” said Prof. Wayan.

Besides that, Prof. Wayan also advised that new students can enjoy every learning process at FILKOM UB later. The hope is that apart from being active in lectures, new students can also use their time as well as possible to be active in student organizations and other organizations within the university or faculty.

Senior Students and committee when coordinating the arrival of the 2023 New Students

One of the activities that was highlighted in PKKMB was mentoring by senior students. Each new student will be mentored by upper-level students to help them overcome the initial challenges of adapting to campus life. This is FILKOM UB’s real step in creating a comfortable environment and supporting the holistic development of students.

PKKMB FILKOM UB is designed with a variety of activities that will help new students adapt to the campus environment and get the information they need. During the event, they will be given material regarding the structure of the faculty, campus facilities, as well as organizational and student activities that can be followed. Not only that, dance art activities are also presented by BIOS to introduce the richness of local culture to new students.

Closing of PKKMB FILKOM on Sunday (20/8/2023) and opening of Startup Academy 2023 for new students which will be attended for one semester

The activity was continued by pressing the welcome button by the Dean of FILKOM, as a sign of the inauguration of the 2023 PKKMB activities for two days. On the second day, students will be divided according to their study programs, later new students will get more complete information about the academic system, lectures and organizations according to their study program. To find out more about the series of PKKMB and Startup Academy 2023 events, please access

With new enthusiasm and commitment to achievement, 903 FILKOM UB new students are ready to undergo an academic journey and self-development on the campus which is their new home. Hopefully this year’s PKKMB can be a good starting point for them in achieving dreams and ambitions in the academic world and becoming a golden generation in the future.[drn/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]