PKKMB Faculty of Engieering’ Department level Attended by 1300 New Students Online

Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB) Faculty of Engineering, Universits Brawijaya (FTUB) continues. On this second day, Tuesday, September 22, 2020, new students will be focused on their respective majors.

At the PKKMB at the Department level, all freshmen were welcomed by department leaders, lecturers, and student association activists for each department online.

Like the faculty level PKKMB that was held yesterday (21/09/2020), the department also uses several platforms such as Instagram to share information, google classroom, zoom to monitor attendance, to the department’s YouTube channel.

“We are adapting the method that has been implemented by the faculty,” said Indra Setyawan, S.ST, a representative of the PKKMB committee of the Electrical Engineering Department.

Topics given on the second day to the student included introduction to department leaders, lecturers, student affairs, academics, administration, department achievements, and student organizations.

“For the material on this second day, we leave it to each department, because each department may has different emphasis on the material the delivered,” said the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Dr.Eng. Ir. Denny Widhiyanuriyawan, ST., MT.

Deeper in the academic field, new students are introduced to the choice of concentrations in their respective majors. This is important so that new students can choose courses according to their desired interests since the beginning of lectures.

Meanwhile, in the field of organizations, new students get acquainted with student associations which will later become the place for every student activity. Thus new students can develop their interests and talents in a directed manner and are expected to produce achievements.

Freshmen who are registered in each department are as follows; Civil Engineering 198 students, Mechanical Engineering 175 students, Electrical Engineering 181 students, Water Resources Engineering 164 students, Architecture 164 students, Urban and Regional Planning 166 students, Industrial Engineering 177 students, and Chemical Engineering 131 students.

The material given today is expected to be a good start for new students. Later thousands freshmen will still take part in the coaching program until the end of the year through Krida which will be carried out online. (mic)