PETAJATIS, Oyster Mushroom Production Technology through Smartphone

Oyster mushroom is an agricultural commodity that is favored by the community because it has high nutritional content, antioxidants, and substances that can lower cholesterol.

This mushroom can be processed into vegetables, satay, mushroom-themed chili sauce and crispy mushrooms. UKM Jamur Suka-Suka is one of the businesses that specializes in oyster mushroom cultivation which produces fresh oyster mushrooms, oyster mushroom nuggets and processed oyster mushrooms frozen food.

Oyster mushroom production is not optimal in this place because it is faced with the watering constraints which is still conventional, which requires 3-4 people and need a lot of time.

This causes a fluctuate temperature and humidity of the mushroom growing room and the water discharge received in each baglog is different, causing the fungus to grow poorly.

Committed to supporting the continuous production of oyster mushrooms both in quality and quantity, five UB students from the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Engineering collaborate in designing and implementing an automation technology for watering oyster mushrooms called Automatic Watering of Oyster Mushrooms or PETAJATIS.

Vanda Inayah Oktavia Mayang, Irmadinza Citrasanty Putri, Wulan Permatasari, Akmal Berlian Rinaldi, and Azzam Rasyiq El-Faraby.

This Internet of Things-based sprayer control automation technology utilizes ESP8266 as an IoT component that is connected to temperature and humidity sensors so that the water pump and compact room heater work automatically.

This technology is also equipped with ESP32 CAM to be able to monitor the development of oyster mushrooms which can be accessed through PETAJATIS application on the Smartphone.

“We use the Internet of Things with the hope that farmers will be able to control the condition of the mushroom production process remotely,” explained Vanda representing the team.

PETAJATIS has now been tested at UKM Jamur Suka Suka Gondanglegi, Malang Regency.

“While testing, the results are good. UKM Satisfied and hopes that it can be mass produced and can help mushroom farmers,” said the supervisor, Dr. Budi Waluyo, SP., MP.

This idea has received financial assistance from the Ministry of Education and Culture in the 2021 Student Creativity Program (PKM) in the field of Science and Technology Application and will participate in the XXXIV PIMNAS selection. (VND/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).