Strategic Meeting between the Head of the Library with the Staff of Reading Room

The Head of the Library and the Staff of Faculties’ Reading Room held a meeting to discuss several important topics that will strengthen the role of reading room staff in the campus environment.

One of the main points raised in this meeting was the policy that reading room staff who are interested in becoming librarians will be under the auspices of UB Library. Head of UB Library, Dr. Iwan Permadi, S.H., M.Hum, emphasized that this step was taken to strengthen coordination between libraries and reading rooms in faculties.

“By uniting our strengths under the umbrella of UB Library, we can be more effective in managing information resources and providing services to the academic community,” said Dr. Iwan Permadi.

Moreover, the discussion also highlighted the important role of reading room staff as companions for students who are working on their final assignments. The Head of UB Library proposed increasing their role in supporting students who are undergoing an important stage in their academic journey.

“In facing final assignment challenges, the role of reading room officers can be further strengthened as companions who provide guidance in managing references, literature and research,” said Dr. Iwan Permadi.

This meeting also discussed closer collaboration between reading room staff and UB Library librarians. One form of collaboration proposed is the participation of reading room staff in writing for the Journal Knowledge Garden (JKG). This is considered a positive step to explore the intellectual potential of reading room staff and increase the visibility of Brawijaya University at the national and international levels.


The meeting participants welcomed the proposed proactive steps in strengthening the role of reading room officers. They acknowledged that with closer collaboration between units, the quality of library services at Brawijaya University could continue to be improved.

The meeting closed with new enthusiasm and an agreement to involve all parties in realizing the strategic plans that had been discussed. In the future, it is hoped that there will be positive developments in strengthening the role and collaboration between UB Library and Reading Room staff in all Brawijaya University faculties. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)